The Maleku of Costa Rica


This past November, I had the wonderful opportunity to travel with fellow California State University, Fullerton journalism students to Costa Rica. This is my documentary piece on the indigenous people of Costa Rica known as the Maleku. The Maleku tribe struggle to assimilate to modern times yet tourism is helping them stay afloat while also providing an outlet for practicing their traditions.


The Man Behind My Favorite Tacos

The Man Behind My Favorite Tacos

It’s Monday evening.  The pink and purple Southern California sun is setting and providing a warm backdrop for a lone taco truck parked in front of a DMV parking lot in Whittier, Calif.  “Primo’s Tacos” is written on the truck’s banner. The mobile kitchen is ready for another long evening of dishing out tacos and burritos.

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Life On the Road

A means of transportation and a home in one.

In Southern California, the cost of living continues to rise and affordable housing continues to become less attainable. Given that a car is pretty much a necessity here and Southern California is now home to the largest homeless population in the country, more and more residents are relying on their means of transportation to be their home too.  Continue reading “Life On the Road”